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Ant Nest Removal Nottingham

Safe and professional Ant nest control by trained and reliable local technicians!

Our Nottingham base allows us to cover your local area, and enables us to adapt and respond quickly throughout the East Midlands. Areas we cover include; Nottingham, Long Eaton, Beeston, West Bridgford, Hucknall & Eastwood.

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Why hire us for Ant Nest Removal?

Ace Pest Control have the skills and equipment to resolve your Ant or Ant nest problem at a reasonable price, without compromising on safety and treatment quality. For a rapid response to Ant nest control in Nottingham and the surrounding areas, please call our friendly team for some free advice today.

We can guarantee that every customer will receive our most effective resources to reach your pest control solution!

What attracts ants?

The obvious answer would be food, but there are other things that can contribute to Ants taking up residence in your home. In warmer seasons, Ants will make their way into homes to find a water source, usually a leaking pipe. Baseboards and foundation walls provide a safe environment for Ants to build their nests and remain undisturbed.

Ant nests can be located in lofts, air vents, garages, cavity walls, sheds and outhouses, trees and bushes. These types of environments can be found in abundance around cities like Nottingham. The nest is often hidden or sheltered inside a building and not visible. Look out for a large number of Ants returning to a small entrance hole in one fixed location.

Will ants just go away?

DIY ant pest control solutions rarely work as they take care only of the Ants you can see. This will not stop the Ants re-entering your home.  Ants can quickly reproduce and grow the infestation again. Professional Ant control includes property inspection that will determine the type of ant colony and the most appropriate ant control procedure. We would not advise that you do not wait to contact one of our available technicians covering the Nottingham areas.

What will happen if ant nests are left untreated?

While ants found in the UK are not known to carry diseases, they still carry unhygienic substances in your home that you wouldn’t want in your personal space. Protect your health and food supplies by hiring professional pest controllers in the Nottingham area.

Ace Pest Control technicians are local to Nottingham, and are highly trained with nationally recognised qualifications which we can happily provide evidence on request.

A long term Ant problem can lead to physical damage to your property, including damage to wood work as they can tunnel through wood like termites.

Once you have discovered an Ant nest, it is important that you do not try to disturb or remove the nest yourself. The removal of the nest will be carried out by Ace Pests, but the priority is to treat the nest with insecticide which will kill the nest and returning Ants within 24 hours.

If you live in Nottingham or the surrounding areas then please get in touch with Ace Pest Control. All of our technicians that service Nottingham are equipped and experienced to tackle nesting Ants, allowing you to enjoy your home and garden once again!