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Cluster Fly Removal Nottingham

Safe and professional cluster fly control by trained and reliable local technicians!

Our Nottingham base allows us to cover your local area, and enables us to adapt and respond quickly throughout the East Midlands. Areas we cover include; Nottingham, Long Eaton, Beeston, West Bridgford, Hucknall & Eastwood.

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Why hire us for Cluster Fly Removal?

Ace Pest Control have the skills and equipment to resolve your cluster fly problem at a reasonable price, without compromising on safety and treatment quality. For a rapid response to fly control in Nottingham and the surrounding areas, please call our friendly team for some free advice today.

We can guarantee that every customer will receive our most effective resources to reach your pest control solution!

What attracts cluster flies?

Cluster flies will usually turn up in the Autumn and sometimes Spring. They will appear as a swarm and can be found around your roof or the windows of your property. They are attracted to warmth, and will linger around walls in the sunshine, to then venture up into the roof later on in the evening.

Dead cluster flies on the loft floor can lead to infestations of insects such as carpet beetle, which may subsequently invade the house and feed on fabrics. It is advisable to clear up dead flies where practical, to avoid further infestation of other undesirable insects!

Will cluster flies just go away?

Generally, treatment in the roof void will significantly reduce the problem, however, expect a new lot of flies the following year as it is thought they leave a pheromone in the roof which is attractive to next years swarm of cluster flies.

Cluster flies can be hard to control but there are options. You will need assistance from professionals to break their cycle and stop them from living in your home.

If you live in Nottingham or the surrounding areas then please get in touch with Ace Pest Control. All of our technicians that service Nottingham are equipped and experienced to tackle a cluster fly infestation, allowing you to enjoy your home and garden once again!