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Insects can find their way into your home through the smallest cracks and can reside there unbeknown to you. No matter how clean your home is, they will still make themselves comfortable! Ace Pest Control are here to restore peace and comfort to your home. Using the latest insecticides, we guarantee to find and exterminate any insects so they are gone for good!


Flies are probably the most common and irritating pest in our home and can appear there for many reasons. As well as being irritating, they are also extremely unhygienic and can contaminate our food. We can discuss your problem, find the root cause of why they are there and get rid of them accordingly.


There are many different kinds of mites, which can be be found in a range of places including bird nests and on family pets. Their bites cause a very strong skin irritation.


With beetles, this is is a similar situation to moths – the larvae are the problem, not the beetles themselves. Insects such as Carpet beetles will feed on the fibres in your carpet, causing bare patches. Likewise, the Biscuit beetle will eat their way through your stored products if not dealt with immediately.


Fleas are another unpleasant pest which can unfortunately be brought into our homes by our pets! They can bite and cause a nasty itch, so the sooner they are out of your home the better!


When it comes to moths, the moths themselves are not the main problem. The real issue lies with their larvae, as they use the fibres in fabrics to cocoon themselves. This can cause damage to items in our home, such as bed linen, clothes, carpets, curtains etc.


Ants are small, but when they are in your home they can cause big problems! We find them in many places, including on patios in the summer, crawling under your skirting boards, or even flying from the fireplace. We can remove ants very easily, so they will disturb you no more.

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